Mortgage Loan Processing2

Mortgage Loan Processing

Mortgage Loan Processing is an essential and vital process. This process takes a significant amount of resources, time and money. At Continual Business Solutions, we do understand our partners need while giving Mortgage Loan Processing services. We assist to lenders and brokers for Loan Processing services, whereas we save a significant amount of time and money by using our expert resources in the processing of mortgage loans. Out support service includes:

Document Collection

The document collection is an important factor and also consumes ample time in mortgage loan processing. Our experts ensure that the document collection should be completed in a proactive manner in order completing mortgage loan application. We will help you with collecting following activities:

  • Call to potential customer to collect required documents
  • Pay stubs, Bank statement, W2, etc.
  • Mortgage / Bank / Pension statements
  • Customer documents: Escrow, Decrees, Divorce, Child support documents
  • Insurance and flood documents

Document Review

Our team specialises in rigorous document review thoroughly. In the entire process of document review, we ensure for the proper fulfilment of essential information. We ensure proper compliance and quality check of documents and information. We ensure and review all necessary forms and documents which should be duly fulfilled as per State and Federal regulations as follow:

  • 1003
  • 1008
  • Pay Stubs
  • Borrower’s Authorization
  • Loan Estimate
  • Any other document as per customer need

Credit Scoring

Our expert team does credit scoring check of potential borrower (s). So that our partners can make best decision making while credit scoring, we do cover following activities:

  • Pre-screening of borrower
  • Request and pull credit reports
  • Check credit history
  • Check payment defaults
  • Tax returns
  • Check social security status
  • Review existing loans

Appraisal Ordering

Our team has rich experienced in ordering appropriate appraisal report. We can order appraisal report depending on the loan amount and loan to value ration based, etc.


In order to verify potential borrower’s information, we perform diligent verification checks on all submitted documents and information. We do in-depth verification on following:

  • All submitted document and information
  • VoE, VoM, VoD
  • Property sale history
  • Any other document or information as per partner needs

Continual Business Solutions for Mortgage Loan Processing provider:

We provide end to end service to our partners in Mortgage Loan Processing process. We give value to our partners on the following basis:

  • Data Security: It is prime focus to give each services basis of best data security
  • Expert Resources: Our team members have rich experienced in Mortgage Loan Processes. They have gained experienced with several organisations in India
  • Cost & Time Saving: We can deliver our services 10%-15% less than market pricing
  • Tailor Made Services: We do understand our partners need and can provide customise services as per partner needs

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