New 7 QC Tools

New 7 QC Tools

Unlike fundamental 7 QC Tools, New 7 QC Tools do not use hard statistical data but rely on subjective information, useful in process improvement, cost reduction, policy deployment, transform the customer requirement into measurable, new product development and prioritization of issues.

New 7 Quality Tools are a new set of tools and do not use statistical data but give subjective information. New 7 Quality Tools would help you to identify the process improvement initiatives, increase ROI, improve customer requirement into measurable objectives, and also help you prioritize your improvement ideas.


New 7 Quality Tool

  1. Affinity Diagram
  2. Interrelationship Diagram
  3. Tree Diagram
  4. Matrix Diagram
  5. Prioritization Matrix
  6. Process Decision & Program Chart (PDPC)
  7. Activity Network Diagram


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