Course Introduction


SPC (Statistical Process Control) is also a collection of statistical methods used to control a process within desired limits and to identify patterns of normal (random or chance cause) variation and special (assignable cause) variation in order to identify opportunities for intervention in the process and to take a correct decision on process and product acceptance.

Gathering data and using statistical methods to interpret them are not ends in themselves. The overall aim should be “increased understanding of the processes”. It is very easy to become technique experts without realizing any improvements. Increased knowledge of SPC should become a basis for action. This training workshop is designed to give a first-hand experience in actual working conditions through simulated classroom exercises.


Certificate Course

Two days’ Workshop on “Statistical Process Control”.


Course Content

Section 1

  • Measures of central tendency and spread
  • Types of frequency distributions
    • Evaluation of discrete data and grouped data (example)
    • Concepts of probability
    • Statistical decision making and hypothesis testing
    • Acceptance sampling (sampling plans)

Section 2

  • Process capability
  • Objectives and benefits of SPC
  • Understanding of common and special causes
  • Application of control charts for variables
    • I-MR Chart
    • X Bar R Chart
    • X Bar S Chart
  • Application of control charts for attributes/Discrete
    • C Chart
    • U Chart
    • NP Chart
    • P Chart

Section 3

Analysis of control charts on Minitab

  • Exercises on statistical decision-making
  • Exercises on control charts for variables
  • Exercises on control charts for attributes
  • Exercises on process capability
  • Special Cause of Variation (Minitab Rules)


Take Away

After undergoing the program, the participants will be competent on below:

  1. Describe the purpose and use of SPC
  2. Gain a practical insight into application of SPC techniques on the shop floor in order to carry out quality
  3. Improve projects in the organization
  4. Understand the Do’s & Don’t involved and go through the pitfalls & issues incurred in practice
  5. Determine the basic type of control chart to use
  6. Collect data and construct basic control charts
  7. Interpret controls charts results

This program will be at a basic level suitable for biggers in SPC. Many times, even experienced engineers have difficulties in understanding and implementing SPC techniques. This program will make engineers understand and appreciate benefits of SPC. It will benefit Quality Manager, Engineers, Technicians, Project Leaders, Manufacture Engineers Technical Specialists and anyone with responsibility for product or process control who want to apply SPC techniques in the world place should attend this seminar.

Note: Participants are requested to bring a scientific calculator to be used during the program.

Training Mode

  • Class Room
  • Online
  • Corporate Training
  • Public Domain


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